Maxwell Kasey – 3 year update

Hi Everyone, it’s Maxwell Kasey (with a K) checking in on my 3rd anniversary in my adoption home. Boy does time fly . It seems just like yesterday that I arrived here. I have really settled in and actually have the run of the house. My schedule includes an early morning walk with dad .. sometimes at the beach (no I haven’t gotten to like the ocean, and in my old age of 13 I don’t think I will) followed by breakfast at 7. And then I just hang around … sleeping which is my second favorite thing to do. Eating, of course tops the list. Dad and Mom still refer to me as their velcro dog… where they are that’s where I should be. I still go to Dad’s studio and just lounge around until dinner at 4. What a life!

I sometimes stay at the kennel when Mom and Dad go away. Boy is that fun. An all LAB playgroup, walks in the woods and lots of new attention. Can you believe it I’m the star or at least I think I am.

I have slowed down a bit and don’t play fetch as much or chase the rabbits. I have scared the heck out of the wild turkeys so they don’t they visit any more. It’s my yard any ways.

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